Hi everyone,

Hope the fall is finding you all well!

I have a new video to share with you. It’s the first of a new little web series I’m starting on Youtube called “Sessions from the Nest”. This summer, while I was pregnant, I recorded some of my favourite cover tunes at home, just for fun, mainly thinking “in case I never have time to do this again!”, but who knows, hopefully this will become a more regular thing down the road.

For now, here is the first of six installments. Aptly-named “Pure Joy” (by fantastic singer-songwriter M. Ward, off his latest album A Wasteland Companion), I’m sending this one out to my brand new little boy Darwyn Jones, and to Barack Obama for getting re-elected! That is some pure joy indeed. 🙂

Consider this your rainy day online piano (& guitar) bar. 🙂  Have a suggestion for another tune? Just drop me a line in the tip jar…