Check out my new song! ‘Would it be so bad’ was a Covid silver lining – it was recorded 100% remotely with a fantastic cast of musicians across Canada and the USA.

Lyrically, this song speaks to dealing with feelings of perfectionism and the isolation it causes. It plants the seed that maybe (just maybe!) relaxing our grip on things a little wouldn’t be the end of the world. 😉

Steve Dawson – production, electric guitars
Gary Craig – drums
Jeremy Holmes – bass
Matthew Manifould – production, electric guitars, BGs
Daryl Chonka – mixing
Graemme Brown – mastering
Mary Kastle – acoustic guitar, piano, vocals

AI video – @weplants on Fiverr


King of My Heart (Single)

In 2016, Mary released a new single and music video for “King of My Heart”, an upbeat soul-pop song, exploring the powerful transition of becoming a parent. The song inspired the video – a quirky DIY production that features ‘Hugo’, a puppet that Mary hand-built for the project.

Beneath the Folds (2010)

Produced by Steve Dawson