“One delectable song after another.”

- The Fulcrum, U of Ottawa

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“All the right notes in all the right places.” - Trevor Pomeroy, Sidetrack Cafe, Edmonton

Mary Kastle is putting down roots.

Tucked away in the Bowen Island forest, off the coast of Vancouver, she is distilling years of performing and touring into a raw and refined West Coast indie soul sound that soothes the senses.


“Her soulful voice soars with social and political commentary and themes of love and loss.” - Room Magazine

King of My Heart

In 2016, Mary released a new single and music video for “King of My Heart”, an upbeat soul-pop song, exploring the powerful transition of becoming a parent. The song inspired the video – a quirky DIY production that features ‘Hugo’, a puppet that Mary hand-built for the project.

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