Mary Kastle is putting down roots. Tucked away in the Bowen Island forest, a small community off the coast of Vancouver, she is distilling years of performing and touring into a raw and refined West Coast indie soul sound that soothes the senses.

It’s a natural progression from her music being a “consummate melting pot of sound and culture.” (jazzreview.com) After dabbling in jazz, pop, rock, and soul on her previous three releases, Fresh Air (2007), Another Swing (2008), and Beneath the Folds (2010), she’s been deftly tracking the sweet spot between music that grooves, sparks the mind, and invites the listener in with memorable melodies.

No Depression magazine said it well: “Salvation – as the Good Book says - often comes in the strangest forms and from the unlikeliest of places, but who would have thought that a young white woman from Canada would release the most rocking, heartfelt and downright soulful record I’ve heard in years?” [review for Beneath the Folds (2010)]

Mary followed up with “King of My Heart” (2016), an upbeat soulful single dedicated to her son about the profound shifts of new motherhood and the feeling of passing the torch to the next generation. She also created a DIY video for the song with a handcrafted puppet boy to play the leading role.

Since becoming a mother of two and diving deep into her own spiritual practice, Mary’s music is becoming even more pure with a clarity that beckons to be heard and felt.

Her artistry has blossomed in unexpected ways. She’s embraced her talents for fashion design and writing, starting her own kids clothing line, and regularly blogging about the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, artist life, and modern day spirituality.

This has followed a busy decade of performing and touring. Mary completed her Bachelors in Jazz Piano at Vancouver Community College and Capilano University. She subsequently worked as a piano bar performer on cruise ships, played hundreds of lounge gigs as a soloist and side woman in other projects, and then completed three successful Canadian tours for her own original releases.

Her music has charted on jazz radio across Canada and several songs from Beneath the Folds were licensed to the hit TV show “Felicity”.

With a crop of new songs in the works, she’s now taking the time to hone this new sound until it’s fully formed. Co-writing with colleagues and studying with some of Vancouver’s finest musicians, her new songs are brimming with life and inspiration. In No Depression’s words: “Hopefully, [they] won’t stay under the radar for long.” There’s no doubt that with these roots firmly planted, Mary’s music will soon bear the sweetest of fruit.