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New Video Series – “Sessions from the Nest” v1

Hi everyone,

Hope the fall is finding you all well!

I have a new video to share with you. It’s the first of a new little web series I’m starting on Youtube called “Sessions from the Nest”. This summer, while I was pregnant, I recorded some of my favourite cover tunes at home, just for fun, mainly thinking “in case I never have time to do this again!”, but who knows, hopefully this will become a more regular thing down the road.

For now, here is the first of six installments. Aptly-named “Pure Joy” (by fantastic singer-songwriter M. Ward, off his latest album A Wasteland Companion), I’m sending this one out to my brand new little boy Darwyn Jones, and to Barack Obama for getting re-elected! That is some pure joy indeed. 🙂

Consider this your rainy day online piano (& guitar) bar. 🙂  Have a suggestion for another tune? Just drop me a line in the tip jar…



New Music Video for “Little Bird”

It’s been a busy summer for me! I’ve been hiding away teaching myself the fine arts of audio engineering and music video making and I’m so happy to share with you the first of my efforts! It features some beautiful little creatures we discovered living out front of our new home. They are precious and were the perfect stars for the video. 🙂

Hope you enjoy it. If you want to take the song home with you, you can find it on iTunes here.

3 Songs in “Felicity” iTunes release

I’m so pleased to hear that three of my songs off Beneath the Folds – “Do It For A Day”, “Drop Your Cover”, and “Beggin'” – have been selected for inclusion in the iTunes digital release of the popular TV show “Felicity”, Season 1 & 2. Very groovy! I’ve never seen the show but apparently it’s about a college girl with long red curly hair.. Must be a good fit? This is the first time my music has ever been licensed so I am stoked to watch the shows and see how it all sounds. I will post a link and release info as I get it.

In the meantime, you can get a refresher of those tunes here on iTunes. 🙂

Derek Sivers’ new book “Anything You Want”

I recently got an email from Mr. Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby, saying he wanted to include one of my songs “Little Bird” in a free digital compilation to accompany the release of his new book. A very pleasant surprise indeed! Known for his strong and positive approach to DIY entrepreneurialism, the book is entitled “Anything You Want”, and the digital compilation includes about 240 of his favourite artists from the CD Baby shelves. (Thank you Derek! Very honoured!)

“Anything You Want” (with the free digital compilation)  is available from Derek’s website here:


Check it out, and maybe you will get anything you want… 🙂